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We have a diverse television network in a number of fields, such as music channels, color and classic Arabic films, and various types of drama. We have long experience in our field, and therefore we can provide distinguished services to you.

Umm Cinema channel

Umm Cinema satellite channel is a channel that presents all the colorful Arab films with a unique character. The period from 1968 to the year 2000 is a very special period, and it is the most productive period for Arab and Egyptian cinema, and many new stars appeared in it at this time. An example of this is the legend Adel Imam and the popular star Nadia El Gendy. And the star of the window, Nabila Obaid, and the names of many artists who shined and shone at that time, is special, inspires you and takes you back to a time not so long ago. We are wonderful, and all that it offers are Arab and Egyptian films. It is a channel that respects the taste of the Arab family and is distinguished by the character of white color films. The channel was established 4 years ago over the course of Nile sat


Mazazika channel

The Mazazika satellite channel is the channel that replaced the Melody Hits channel, which toured the Middle East and was famous for the strength of the content and the distinguished level of songs, but the addition of the Mazazika channel to all this has many different types of music, for example, Turkish, Greek, Russian music and songs, Indian songs, and of course Arabic and Western songs, and thus it is the first channel. In the world of music that presents all these types of songs at the same time, it is a channel whose administrators always take into account public taste and respect for the homes you enter, and the Mazazika channel is a channel on Nilesat and was established 3 years ago.


M Classic channel

The Umm Classic satellite channel is a channel that presents all the classic Arabic films with a unique and distinctive character that inspires you and takes you back to the time of beautiful art, and all that it offers are Arab and Egyptian films that are exclusive to what you have seen before from the heritage of cinema, for example the films of Umm Kulthum and the musician of the generations, Muhammad Abdel Wahab, and the Nightingale, whose name is Abdel Halim. Hafez, as well as the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, Rushdi Abaza, the beautiful Sabah, and the cinema boy Ahmed Ramzy. These are, to name but a few examples, a group of giants in the world of Egyptian and Arab cinema. A channel that respects the taste of the Arab family and brings them back to the most beautiful classics of this era. It is distinguished by its black and white character. The channel was established since 4 years on Nilesat.


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